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The Castle of the Mouse
The Castle of the Mouse

The Mouse's Castle: My inspiration for this came from the French animation "Ernest & Celestine".

Music by Aaron Kenny (YouTube Audio Library)

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 31 May 2019
  • Made With: Moho Pro 12
  • Last Updated: 2 June 2019
  • File Size: 76MB
  • Number of files: 77
    File Name Type File Size
    folder Castle:
      icon 05.mohoMoho File176KB
      icon 20 look out.mohoMoho File175KB
      icon 06Berries.mohoMoho File34KB
      icon 09.mohoMoho File178KB
      icon 23 end.mohoMoho File70KB
      icon 12 apple.mohoMoho File36KB
      icon 04 notice.mohoMoho File178KB
      icon 03.mohoMoho File176KB
      icon 17 Land.mohoMoho File324KB
      icon 18 Runing home.mohoMoho File180KB
      icon 10 drawbridge.mohoMoho File179KB
      icon 12 berry picking.mohoMoho File167KB
      icon 02 look.mohoMoho File169KB
      icon 08 Stair well.mohoMoho File467KB
      icon 15 eat.mohoMoho File189KB
      icon 11 Face and tree zoom.mohoMoho File190KB
      icon 22 sun POV.mohoMoho File44KB
      icon 19 running 2.mohoMoho File181KB
      icon 16 fall.mohoMoho File160KB
      icon 21 look out.mohoMoho File178KB
      icon 14 climb.mohoMoho File163KB
      icon 20 drawbridge 2.mohoMoho File182KB
      icon 01 intro.mohoMoho File69KB
      folder Audio:
        icon 01 Birds.mp3Audio475KB
        icon 03 Yawn.mp3Audio49KB
        icon 06 belly.mp3Audio99KB
        icon 07 Creak.mp3Audio16KB
        icon 08 footstep-stone.mp3Audio48KB
        icon 09 Swing.mp3Audio27KB
        icon 10 footsteps-while-running-on-wood.mp3Audio167KB
        icon 12 Hmmm thinking-sound.mp3Audio12KB
        icon 17 crunch.mp3Audio91KB
        icon 19 thud.mp3Audio3KB
        icon Music Yonder_Hill_and_Dale.mp3Audio4MB
        icon 02 girl gasping.wavWAV Audio164KB
        icon 02 girl-exhale-relaxed.wavWAV Audio3MB
        icon 04 swoosh different pitches.wavWAV Audio660KB
        icon 04 swoosh quiet.wavWAV Audio2MB
        icon 05 ding.wavWAV Audio1MB
        icon 07_2 Slam.wavWAV Audio334KB
        icon 11 Rolling thunder.wavWAV Audio4MB
        icon 12 owl-hoot.wavWAV Audio757KB
        icon 13 Ratchet.wavWAV Audio2MB
        icon 14 grass feet.wavWAV Audio1,023KB
        icon 14 grass-feet-speed.wavWAV Audio6MB
        icon 15 Squelch.wavWAV Audio66KB
        icon 16 girl-exhaling.wavWAV Audio904KB
        icon 18 creatures-bird-3-calls.wavWAV Audio2MB
        icon 20 whirring-crank.wavWAV Audio2MB
        icon 21 gulp.wavWAV Audio52KB
      folder Images:
        icon 16 Owl.pngPNG Image1MB
        icon 17 bg.pngPNG Image614KB
        icon 17 fall 2.pngPNG Image1MB
        icon 17 fall.pngPNG Image139KB
        icon Colour.pngPNG Image3MB
        icon Running sky.pngPNG Image2MB
        icon comic thing.pngPNG Image2MB
        icon filthlight.pngPNG Image136KB
        icon 01.PSDPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon 02.PSDPhotoshop Image2MB
        icon 03.psdPhotoshop Image2MB
        icon 05 shiny apple.psdPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon 06.psdPhotoshop Image2MB
        icon 08.PSDPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon 09.PSDPhotoshop Image5MB
        icon 14 stab.PSDPhotoshop Image5MB
        icon 15 climb.PSDPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon 16.PSDPhotoshop Image4MB
        icon 17 land and run.PSDPhotoshop Image5MB
        icon 21 caste eatl.psdPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon Berries.PSDPhotoshop Image2MB
        icon Castle.psdPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon Claw.psdPhotoshop Image1MB
        icon Owl 2.psdPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon Sun rise.PSDPhotoshop Image2MB
        icon castle end.psdPhotoshop Image3MB
        icon end.PSDPhotoshop Image3MB
  • Licence: This work is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licence.
Competition Time!
This shared file was entered into the 'Castle' competition and came second!
Voting ended on the 30th June 2019.
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