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Member Since: 14 March 2013
Last Logged In: 9 March 2018
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New York
United States

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Total Shared Files: 3

  • Safer in the Jungle
    Safer in the Jungle
    2 Rates (3.5)
    Anime Studio Pro 10.1.3
    31 May 2015

  • JarOJelly
    3 Rates (4.7)
    Anime Studio Pro 10.1.1
    1 March 2015

  • Iguana Pop
    Iguana Pop
    2 Rates (5)
    Anime Studio Pro 10.1.1
    31 January 2015

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Last Tutorial Completed:

Spirograph Patterns in Moho
Spirograph Patterns in Moho - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
2 October 2017

Creating a spirograph effect is easy in Moho Pro 12. Using this method you can create some fun designs in no time.