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Tractor using BoneWheels
Tractor using BoneWheels
5 December 2016 admin

Included is the script that made this animation possible: BoneWheels aka mk_trans_to_rotate.lua by Mike Kelley, I've also included two icons that you can use.

Script Copyright: Mike Kelley

--- How To Use BoneWheels ---
Copy the script and the icons to your custom tool folder (scripts / tool).
When the parent bone is moved with this tool, at any frame, even when not playing, then children named correctly [parent_number] will automatically rotate. For example, if the parent bone was named B1, then the child would be B1_1

Please watch Mike Kelley's video for a greater understanding on using his script:

15 November 2016 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12.2
It uses 3D layers and the physics engine.
As Moho can only animate the physics on one layer, a 'nudge' is used on each layer at the correct time to give the illusion that the animation flows.
This file was shared to help with the Nov 2016 competition.

Spatial Positioning Sound
Spatial Positioning Sound
7 November 2016 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12.1 - Even the 3D toy plane!
This example shows how you can control the sound position from within Moho.

The audio volume was changed to match the Z axis, but the left and right levels are automatically set by moving the audio layer left and right within the animation.

The 3D plane has a copy for the shadow, and both follow a path for the animation.

If you open the audio layer's properties window, and change to the Audio tab, you should find 'Spatial positioning' checked to enable this feature. Here you can also set and check the audio level.

Bouncing Egg
Bouncing Egg
3 November 2016 admin

Created with Moho Pro 12
The shadow follows and resizes automatically thanks to smart bones.

Twisting Images
Twisting Images
19 August 2016 admin

Bones can change raster images if you change the bones position after frame 0.
Here the images are simply moved over some bones to create this twisting effect.
This could be used for falling items (paper, money etc.), smoke, special effects etc.

Created using bones and images in Moho Pro 12
This can also be done in older versions of Anime Studio Pro

Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
Face Morph with Moho Pro 12
17 August 2016 admin

See how Elvis morphs into a lion!
Made in Moho Pro 12 using the new Smart Warp feature.

Poke Ball Animation
Poke Ball Animation
17 July 2016 admin

This animation is based on the Pokemon Go game.
Made 100% in Anime Studio Pro 11
It's not perfect or complete, but I'm sharing as is. If I get some spare time I may update it.
There's only enough animation in the ball at the moment to accomplish the below video. (left, up, down, and half open).
If you do use it to make a video, then please include a mention/link to this site. Thanks.

Static TV Cartoon
Static TV Cartoon
24 April 2016 admin

This is another TV with static effect - This one is more 'cartoony' as requested by SillyFanz on YouTube
This version uses a particle layer to create the lines.

Wind Power
Wind Power
21 April 2016 admin

An effect that looks like wind using the physics engine in Anime Studio.
It uses a layer that has a force field effect applied which is turned up during the animation.

Worm in Acid
Worm in Acid
19 April 2016 admin

The animation was done automatically by Anime Studio's physics engine.
The worm was just dropped into the 'acid/water' and the program did the rest.
The worm is in a bone layer, and the water uses the force field setting.
(No real worms were harmed in the making of this)

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