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3D Biplane
3D Biplane
20 August 2017 admin

This is a reproduction of Matthew Cruickshank's animation that was used to celebrate the 125th birthday of Bessie Coleman on Google.

This version was made 100% in Moho Pro 12 using 3D layers.

Moho Title Animated
Moho Title Animated
19 August 2017 admin

Animated Moho title
Made in Moho Pro 12

Looping Rings
Looping Rings
17 August 2017 admin

Made with Moho Pro 12
The loops are created by setting the line's 'Stroke Exposure'

The timing was worked out with the Loop Calculator

Paper Airplane
Paper Airplane
7 July 2017 admin

A simple paper airplane controlled by two smart bones.
This uses just shapes in one vector layer.

Waving Flag Animation
Waving Flag Animation
5 July 2017 admin

Created with bones in Moho Pro 12 which rotate via a parent bone, seen highlighted in red in the following image:

The bones that change the image have a bone strength. They also have the independent angle option on.

Each rotating bone is animated a few seconds forward on the timeline to create the effect. The bones nearest to the pole are shorter to slow the rotation and effect down. These bones have also been set as 'shy' bones to make selecting easier.

The image can be easily changed to any flag, but I've used the Welsh flag here:

This method isn't limited to just waving flags, it can also be used for water effects too!

Bouncing rope with physics
Bouncing rope with physics
27 June 2017 admin

All the layers are in a group with the physics option on.
The bone layer has 'Pivot on origin' selected in its physics settings.
Using the 'Bone Physics' tool whilst on frame 0, and with the bone layer selected, select the last bone in the chain, then select 'lock tip' from the top menu.

Animated Audio Bars
Animated Audio Bars
25 June 2017 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12
Each audio track was imported into Moho individually.
Each track is then given a smart bone that is controlled by the audio wiggle script.
The smart bone is linked to a 3D layer that makes the bar's 3D thickness (style>advanced) larger (which make it look longer).
This script turns the smart bone based on the volume of the track.

Music: Cutter by ETBlue

Sand Timer
Sand Timer
22 June 2017 admin

This is one way to create a sand timer in Moho

Sound Bars
Sound Bars
20 June 2017 admin

Switch layers can be controlled by an audio file.
Switch layer settings > Switch > Select audio sync source.

The layers are selected automatically from the bottom (quietest) to the top (loudest).

In this example, the bar has 30 layers, starting from short to long, and grouped into a switch layer which has the audio sync applied to it.
I copied this switch group 60 times to the right, offset by 1 frame, using the Delayed Layer References tool.
I then grouped them all, copied the group, flipped them downwards and moved this new group down.


Graph Morph
Graph Morph
6 June 2017 admin

This is a quick example of morphing a pie chart into a graph chart in Moho Pro 12.
The points are moved on the timeline into the required shapes.

You could also use 3D layers to add depth:

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