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Animated 3D Lined Torus
Animated 3D Lined Torus
19 April 2017 admin

First the tiled image is created in Moho and exported as a looped video.
Then in a new document, a 3D torus shape (created with a circle in a 3D layer) has this video applied as a texture.
The texture needs to be sized and aligned correctly for the effect to work - trial and error.

Changing the shape:

Changing texture size:

Another option is to use a static texture image, and then rotate the circle shape.

Skateboarding Old Man
Skateboarding Old Man
18 September 2015 camusasv

This is the supporting Anime Studio file for Character Creation (Spanish) tutorial

Animate With Mike Scott
Animate With Mike Scott
16 September 2013 admin

This is the support file for this tutorial:

Glowing Firefly Effect
Glowing Firefly Effect
6 April 2017 admin

Created by Víctor Paredes

Looping Rings
Looping Rings
17 August 2017 admin

Made with Moho Pro 12
The loops are created by setting the line's 'Stroke Exposure'

The timing was worked out with the Loop Calculator

Hand Rig
Hand Rig
30 January 2014 admin

This rig uses smart bones to give the animator the ability to open and close the hand

The left hand's rotate bone (LH_rotate) will give the effect of rotation by moving the bones.
The hand was created with simple lines.

Animated Lines
Animated Lines
13 April 2017 admin

There are several ways to achieve a line following animation effect. Here is one idea.

This was in an attempt to help nina_paley on the lostmarble forum

This method is probably not the best one, and a script would help. But it's easy to setup and adapt.

Snake Creeping Movement v2
Snake Creeping Movement v2
15 April 2017 admin

This is an improved snake creeping by Víctor Paredes

The snake's head is in a separate vector layer with the Bone > Flexi-Bind Layer used.

The Mighty Dragon
The Mighty Dragon
24 May 2017 noobartistclub

Hey All, This is my first animation. In this video the mighty dragon saves the world from the terror of the aliens who are going to destroy the planet earth.
I hope you like it. Please vote if you think this entry should win.

Follow Me :
Instagram : artboy.ash
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AnimeStudioTutor : noobartistclub

Graph Morph
Graph Morph
6 June 2017 admin

This is a quick example of morphing a pie chart into a graph chart in Moho Pro 12.
The points are moved on the timeline into the required shapes.

You could also use 3D layers to add depth:

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