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Looping Rings
Looping Rings
17 August 2017 admin

Made with Moho Pro 12
The loops are created by setting the line's 'Stroke Exposure'

The timing was worked out with the Loop Calculator

Rings Animated
Rings Animated
2 June 2018 admin

I had to use 3D layers to get this to work.
styles included to change colours.

Animated Stars Gif
Animated Stars Gif
21 April 2017 admin

3D and reference layers were used to create this animated gif in Moho 12

Animated 3D Globe
Animated 3D Globe
16 April 2017 admin

A looping pattern is first designed and rendered as a movie
This movie is then applied as a texture to a 3D layer
The texture is moved over a few frames to add motion.

Twisting Images
Twisting Images
19 August 2016 admin

Bones can change raster images if you change the bones position after frame 0.
Here the images are simply moved over some bones to create this twisting effect.
This could be used for falling items (paper, money etc.), smoke, special effects etc.

Created using bones and images in Moho Pro 12
This can also be done in older versions of Anime Studio Pro

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