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Pseudo 3D with 1 point perspective
Pseudo 3D with 1 point perspective
25 July 2014 admin

Using bones I move points so that objects appear 3D.

In this example, the single vanishing point is moved. Other bones are linked to this bone and move in relation automatically once set.

Move the master bone in frame 1 to see this working.

Using the bone select tool, click on the other bones, then view their bone constraints and note the settings in 'position control bone'. The values range from 0 (closest to camera) to 1 (next to master)

Lucky Leopard
Lucky Leopard
24 April 2015 gdub62

This is a study in point animation, and masking.

The Wrong Fairytale
The Wrong Fairytale
28 June 2019 causeway

Trying out the new Microphone for first time. He is in armour to save bothering with any mouth movement. Had a bit of a problem wrangling the "Switch" feature. At one point in this animation she turns (5 poses in Switch) then moves her mouth (3 poses in Switch within the last pose of the turn). Then later pouts (another 5 poses in the same Mouth Switch) .

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