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Tractor using BoneWheels
Tractor using BoneWheels
5 December 2016 admin

Included is the script that made this animation possible: BoneWheels aka mk_trans_to_rotate.lua by Mike Kelley, I've also included two icons that you can use.

Script Copyright: Mike Kelley

--- How To Use BoneWheels ---
Copy the script and the icons to your custom tool folder (scripts / tool).
When the parent bone is moved with this tool, at any frame, even when not playing, then children named correctly [parent_number] will automatically rotate. For example, if the parent bone was named B1, then the child would be B1_1

Please watch Mike Kelley's video for a greater understanding on using his script:

Animated Audio Bars
Animated Audio Bars
25 June 2017 admin

Created in Moho Pro 12
Each audio track was imported into Moho individually.
Each track is then given a smart bone that is controlled by the audio wiggle script.
The smart bone is linked to a 3D layer that makes the bar's 3D thickness (style>advanced) larger (which make it look longer).
This script turns the smart bone based on the volume of the track.

Music: Cutter by ETBlue

Cat Rig
Cat Rig
6 August 2013 admin

This file has been shared by Jeremy from A Man & Ink it was animated by Julian Côme from ithinkasia.

It uses smart bones for different elements in the rig.

The script used lets us parent smart bones to each other to get the effects to work between different smart bone layers.

This is a video of Peavoy (director) explaining their rigging to Julien

Squirrel looking for a place to sleep
Squirrel looking for a place to sleep
19 November 2015 leomedd

Anime studio 9.5 with an awesome script ( AIM BONE IK )

Part two can be seen here

26 May 2014 benjpta

This is my 2nd test using Anime Studio Pro 10. Character and trees drawn in Anime Studio Pro 10, with imported image background layer, and using the sketchy effect script.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
25 December 2016 thedirector

Merry Christmas!! My first Snow (used the script to see how it was created and created my own) and snowman. Enjoy!

Animated Lines
Animated Lines
13 April 2017 admin

There are several ways to achieve a line following animation effect. Here is one idea.

This was in an attempt to help nina_paley on the lostmarble forum

This method is probably not the best one, and a script would help. But it's easy to setup and adapt.

3 October 2018 toddcircle

Here is my submission for "Bonfire"

All done with vectors. I used quite a few different brushes to add the details.
I made the flames from scratch, the smoke was created by using the in-built particle effects smoke script which I modified slightly.
Background inspired by Flinstones. rocks and weeds in foreground inspired Puffin Rock.

All audio is from (sound numbers 173936, 249418, 361667 & 371921) provided under Creative Commons 0 License.

Me make fire, fire good.
Alien take fire, Alien bad

30 June 2019 sketchysquirrel

A young bird decides that she would like to grow up to be a frog, as we all have at some stage in our lives.

Sounds from Music: YouTube Audio Library "Clover-3"

A big thank you to my voice actor, 3-year-old, Hazel.


"I've been looking at these tadpoles
they're so cute
I was thinking
they don't look anything like frogs
And I was thinking that I don't look anything like a frog
maybe I could be a frog as well
I can jump like a frog like this
Hop hop hop hop
I can croak like a frog
Croak Croak tweet tweet huh
I can eat like a frog
A la la la gulp
I would like to be a frog
or maybe a butterfly"

I have turned off the masking for the watercolour effect so it doesn't affect the viewport.

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