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The classic endless four step runs from the 60s TV shows of my childhood. A lot of frame by frame using switches for characters. Each character has a transparent frame to make it disappear. All my drawings were done with a mouse. MP4s of the parts as listed were joined, to eventually make the whole. Then the background music and explosions were added.

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 14 May 2019
  • Made With: Moho Debut 12
  • Last Updated: 13 May 2019
  • File Size: 16MB
  • Number of files: 169
    File Name Type File Size
    folder HauntedCastle:
      icon Notes&Credits.txtText879B
      icon SpookyCastle.mp4mp49MB
      folder 1_DragonA_B:
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText1KB
        icon DragonA_B.mohoMoho File125KB
        folder Images:
          icon Castle01AA.jpgImage140KB
          icon Castle01AB.jpgImage137KB
          icon LadiesRoom.jpgImage3KB
          icon Men'sRoom.jpgImage4KB
          icon PowderRoom.jpgImage4KB
          icon DNone.pngPNG Image47KB
          icon Drun1.pngPNG Image49KB
          icon Drun2.pngPNG Image42KB
          icon Drun3.pngPNG Image47KB
          icon Drun4.pngPNG Image42KB
          icon H_BLANK.pngPNG Image350B
          icon explosion__01.pngPNG Image14KB
          icon explosion__02.pngPNG Image26KB
          icon explosion__03.pngPNG Image50KB
          icon explosion__04.pngPNG Image78KB
          icon explosion__05.pngPNG Image65KB
          icon explosion__07.pngPNG Image54KB
          icon explosion__09.pngPNG Image44KB
          icon explosion__11.pngPNG Image29KB
          icon explosion__13.pngPNG Image27KB
          icon explosion__15.pngPNG Image24KB
          icon explosion__17.pngPNG Image22KB
          icon explosion__19.pngPNG Image20KB
          icon explosion__21.pngPNG Image19KB
          icon explosion__23.pngPNG Image18KB
          icon explosion__25.pngPNG Image16KB
          icon explosion__27.pngPNG Image15KB
          icon explosion__29.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon explosion__31.pngPNG Image12KB
          icon explosion__33.pngPNG Image11KB
          icon explosion__35.pngPNG Image9KB
          icon explosion__37.pngPNG Image8KB
          icon explosion__39.pngPNG Image7KB
          icon explosion__41.pngPNG Image6KB
          icon explosion__43.pngPNG Image5KB
          icon explosion__45.pngPNG Image4KB
          icon explosion__47.pngPNG Image4KB
          icon explosion__49.pngPNG Image4KB
          icon explosion__51.pngPNG Image3KB
          icon explosion__53.pngPNG Image2KB
          icon explosion__55.pngPNG Image2KB
          icon explosion__57.pngPNG Image2KB
          icon run1.pngPNG Image12KB
          icon run2.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run3.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run4.pngPNG Image15KB
          icon sign__57.pngPNG Image343B
      icon TitleShot.jpgImage92KB
      folder 2_RUN_DAGGER2:
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText454B
        icon RUN_DAGGER2.mohoMoho File67KB
        folder Images:
          icon Castle01.jpgImage63KB
          icon H_BLANK.pngPNG Image350B
          icon H_dagger1.pngPNG Image20KB
          icon H_dagger2.pngPNG Image24KB
          icon H_dagger3.pngPNG Image21KB
          icon H_dagger4.pngPNG Image21KB
          icon Krun1.pngPNG Image69KB
          icon Krun2B.pngPNG Image71KB
          icon Krun3.pngPNG Image70KB
          icon Krun4.pngPNG Image68KB
          icon run1.pngPNG Image12KB
          icon run2.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run3.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run4.pngPNG Image15KB
      icon vintageJazz6.mp3Audio1MB
      folder 3_RUN_SPEAR2:
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText537B
        icon RUN_SPEAR2.mohoMoho File75KB
        folder Images:
          icon Castle01.jpgImage63KB
          icon H_BLANK.pngPNG Image350B
          icon H_spear1.pngPNG Image26KB
          icon H_spear2.pngPNG Image29KB
          icon H_spear3.pngPNG Image27KB
          icon H_spear4.pngPNG Image28KB
          icon K_sword1.pngPNG Image93KB
          icon K_sword2.pngPNG Image84KB
          icon K_sword3.pngPNG Image89KB
          icon K_sword4.pngPNG Image88KB
          icon Krun1.pngPNG Image69KB
          icon Krun2B.pngPNG Image71KB
          icon Krun3.pngPNG Image70KB
          icon Krun4.pngPNG Image68KB
          icon run1.pngPNG Image12KB
          icon run2.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run3.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run4.pngPNG Image15KB
      folder 4_RUN_BOMB2:
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText528B
        icon RUN_BOMB2.mohoMoho File84KB
        folder Images:
          icon Castle01.jpgImage63KB
          icon Bomber1.pngPNG Image23KB
          icon Bomber2.pngPNG Image26KB
          icon Bomber3.pngPNG Image24KB
          icon Bomber4.pngPNG Image24KB
          icon H_BLANK.pngPNG Image350B
          icon K_mace1.pngPNG Image92KB
          icon K_mace2.pngPNG Image84KB
          icon K_mace3.pngPNG Image88KB
          icon K_mace4.pngPNG Image87KB
          icon Krun1.pngPNG Image69KB
          icon Krun2B.pngPNG Image71KB
          icon Krun3.pngPNG Image70KB
          icon Krun4.pngPNG Image68KB
          icon run1.pngPNG Image12KB
          icon run2.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run3.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run4.pngPNG Image15KB
      folder 5_KNIGHT_Explo:
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText938B
        icon K_Explo.mohoMoho File100KB
        folder Images:
          icon Castle01.jpgImage63KB
          icon H_BLANK.pngPNG Image350B
          icon H_HAND2.pngPNG Image7KB
          icon H_STANDING.pngPNG Image16KB
          icon H_bomb2.pngPNG Image3KB
          icon K_Parts1.pngPNG Image77KB
          icon K_Parts2.pngPNG Image87KB
          icon K_Parts3.pngPNG Image108KB
          icon K_Parts4.pngPNG Image108KB
          icon K_Parts5.pngPNG Image97KB
          icon K_Parts6.pngPNG Image85KB
          icon K_Parts7.pngPNG Image64KB
          icon K_Parts8.pngPNG Image46KB
          icon K_cans1.pngPNG Image41KB
          icon K_cans2.pngPNG Image55KB
          icon K_cans3.pngPNG Image65KB
          icon K_cans4.pngPNG Image72KB
          icon K_cans5.pngPNG Image84KB
          icon K_cans6.pngPNG Image82KB
          icon K_cans7.pngPNG Image89KB
          icon K_cans8.pngPNG Image82KB
          icon explosion__02.pngPNG Image4KB
          icon explosion__03.pngPNG Image8KB
          icon explosion__04.pngPNG Image10KB
          icon explosion__07.pngPNG Image8KB
          icon explosion__11.pngPNG Image6KB
          icon explosion__15.pngPNG Image5KB
          icon explosion__19.pngPNG Image4KB
          icon explosion__23.pngPNG Image4KB
          icon explosion__27.pngPNG Image3KB
          icon explosion__33.pngPNG Image2KB
          icon explosion__39.pngPNG Image1KB
          icon sign__57.pngPNG Image343B
      folder 6_RUN_GHOST:
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText459B
        icon RUN_GHOST.mohoMoho File71KB
        folder Images:
          icon Castle01.jpgImage63KB
          icon Blower1.pngPNG Image36KB
          icon Blower2.pngPNG Image29KB
          icon Blower3.pngPNG Image27KB
          icon Blower4.pngPNG Image27KB
          icon GH_1.pngPNG Image62KB
          icon GH_2.pngPNG Image50KB
          icon GH_3.pngPNG Image50KB
          icon GH_4.pngPNG Image54KB
          icon H_BLANK.pngPNG Image350B
          icon H_dust.pngPNG Image7KB
          icon run1.pngPNG Image12KB
          icon run2.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run3.pngPNG Image13KB
          icon run4.pngPNG Image15KB
      folder 7_HURRAH!:
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText278B
        icon HURRAH!.mohoMoho File77KB
        folder Images:
          icon Castle.pngPNG Image559KB
          icon Castleations.pngPNG Image69KB
          icon HHurah1.pngPNG Image24KB
          icon HHurah2.pngPNG Image26KB
          icon HHurah3.pngPNG Image24KB
          icon HHurah4.pngPNG Image24KB
  • Licence: This work is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licence.
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