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Codmw2 Arm RIG 3D
Codmw2 Arm RIG 3D

These Models are not made by Me. These are made by Activision, Infinity Ward, and more.
These Moho files are created for educational purposes.
To see the Capabilities and Potential of Moho in 3D and rigging etc.

To convince to add 3D Support in Moho. Who knows?

The majority of Effort goes to me. since I have to port this Texturing, Modeling, Rigging, and more.

Also the Rigged it's not perfect. because no 3D Support, Bones etc.

Also, I have some Typos. sorry for that.


Infinity Ward
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Software Used:

Blender 4.1
Moho 14.1

I hope you Enjoy!

Made By Lienicks.

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 3 April 2024
  • Made With: Moho Pro 14
  • Last Updated: 3 April 2024
  • File Size: 37MB
  • Number of files: 17
    File Name Type File Size
    folder Codmw2 Arm RIG 3D - [Moho File]:
      icon Codmw2 Arm RIG Moho.mohoMoho File2MB
      icon Codmw2 Arm RIG Thumbnail.jpgImage43KB
      icon Codmw2 Watermark.pngPNG Image75KB
      icon READ ME.txtText8KB
      icon Roblox Man Face Image.jpgImage6KB
      folder [Texture]:
        icon material_atlas_25490_1.jpgImage11MB
        icon material_atlas_44066_1.jpgImage716KB
        icon material_atlas_73756_1.jpgImage13MB
        icon xmaterial_129c576fd4440429.jpgImage52KB
        icon xmaterial_1938422443ce22f9.jpgImage2MB
        icon xmaterial_2d5676ea32ef87c4.jpgImage3MB
        icon xmaterial_3674d894424650f7.jpgImage129KB
        icon xmaterial_5ce11aa0c2f578e4.jpgImage1MB
        icon xmaterial_62ec727e27b102d1.jpgImage340KB
        icon xmaterial_71c6f408e83a2c9b.jpgImage3MB
        icon xmaterial_7aa0f3540f42a81f.jpgImage93KB
        icon xmaterial_7afb809048d31d16.jpgImage44KB
  • Licence: This work is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licence.
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  • Member Since: 16 May 2023
    Last Logged In: 17 April 2024
    Comments: 4
    Tutorials Completed: 0
    ziggler says:
    13 April 2024 at 11:36:20 AM
    this is awesome theres some restrictions in movement and so much lag but your so right moho should try and upgrade their 3d imports and riggging

    • Member Since: 3 April 2024
      Last Logged In: 16 April 2024
      Comments: 7
      Tutorials Completed: 5
      lienicks says:
      16 April 2024 at 05:01:47 AM
      Thank You! I also agree that Moho should add 3D Support it has so much potential. and it's Laggy because Moho doesn't support 3D. and it's also Limited.

    • Member Since: 16 May 2023
      Last Logged In: 17 April 2024
      Comments: 4
      Tutorials Completed: 0
      ziggler says:
      16 April 2024 at 02:10:41 PM
      i was trying something with simple sams bvh imports , you can replace the 3d bone vectors with your own and then inflate them with the 3d options works with movements but when it turns to the side the scale is off , plus clothes dissapear in the vectors

    • Member Since: 3 April 2024
      Last Logged In: 16 April 2024
      Comments: 7
      Tutorials Completed: 5
      lienicks says:
      17 April 2024 at 02:50:16 AM
      I tried SimplSam "Moho 12 (Anime Studio) - 2D/3D BVH Import & Animation tool" but it didn't work, I tried to Code it. but I didn't know what I was Doing. I do have some Experience with the Code LUA via Roblox Studio. but it was too intimidating and lack of tutorials. and SimplSam "Moho 12 (Anime Studio) - 2D/3D BVH Import & Animation tool" It was made 7 Years ago, and it's pretty old.

  • Member Since: 15 April 2024
    Last Logged In: 15 April 2024
    Comments: 1
    Tutorials Completed: 0
    hashiramaplux says:
    15 April 2024 at 10:23:43 AM
    Ty so much LV u

  • Member Since: 25 April 2024
    Last Logged In: 25 April 2024
    Comments: 2
    Tutorials Completed: 0
    mjahaniii25 says:
    25 April 2024 at 05:49:04 AM
    thank you

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