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Found 4 results for Eye

Eye Popping Rig
Eye Popping Rig
21 June 2021 ydnic

Here's a simple rig with popping style.

3D Eye Setup
3D Eye Setup
24 February 2018 admin

Inspired by Chuck Kenway 3D eye in Moho:

The eyes are created in a 3D layer and controlled by smart bones.

Note: The control target bone has two hidden bones. These hidden bones are smart bones that control the X and Y of the eyes. To view these bones go to Bones > Show All Bones

Cartoon Eye Rig
Cartoon Eye Rig
10 March 2016 admin

Created by Graeme Moodie

"Here's an generic cartoon eye rig file that I've been working on..
I thought it would be handy if you needed this kind of style, to be able to pull out this rig and drop it on a character"

Basic Eye Rig
Basic Eye Rig
3 May 2013 admin

This shows one way that eyes can be setup in Anime Studio.

Using the offset bone tool and masked layers, this solution makes eye movement quick and easy.

Anime Studio Tutorial: Basic Eye Rig

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