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Control Bones from parent layer

Control Bones From Parent Layer


Tutorial Number: 484
Made with: Moho Pro 12
Level: Intermediate

Script by dkwroot
Made available on the Lost Marble Forum

This script allows you to control bones within a child bone or switch layer from a parent layer.

1. Create your bone

In this example setup there is:
Parent bone layer (main bone layer)
--Child bone layer (bone layer)
----Image layer (hand.png)

Create a bone in the child bone layer that you want to be controlled in the parent layer, and give it a unique name. (eg. hand)

Create the bone and name it in the child layer
FIGURE 1-1 Create the bone and name it in the child layer

2. Attach the script

Double-click the bone layer to launch its settings.
Click on the embedded script file option and select the script (NESTED BONE CONTROL SWITCH.lua) -- This file is in the supporting documents
Attach the script
FIGURE 2-1 Attach the script


This script works for smartbones and it's independent of grid location so you can put bones where ever the heck you want!

This script comes in 2 flavors

The Global version of the script controls everything you assign beneath it. This will work for most occasions, but it might get a little troublesome if you have a switch layer with a bunch of bones. This script could crash your program if you try to control something like 20 smart bones in a switch layer all at the same time, so I created a switch sensitive version as well.

The Switch Sensitive version of this script only moves the bones in a switch layer that is currently active, essentially ignoring all the inactive bones.

3. Add parent bone

Click on the parent bone layer and add a bone.
Give this bone the same name as the bone that you wish to control. (eg. hand)
Go to any frame other than frame 0 and animate the parent bone. You should find the child bone now moves too.

Supporting Content

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Last updated: 4 Jul 2018 07:38:12
Made with: Moho Pro 12
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