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24 September 2021 sketchysquirrel

Sometimes birds can surprise you. And other times they just cover everything in poop.

Le Quesnoy
Le Quesnoy
15 July 2019 sketchysquirrel

This was for a French assignment, we were asked to write about the liberation of the French village of Le Quesnoy during WWI. This is a short animation of a New Zealand ANZAC soldier recounting the events that took place.

Head Rig with Interpolated Sub Layers for Lip Syncing
Head Rig with Interpolated Sub Layers for Lip Syncing
15 July 2019 sketchysquirrel

Here is a head rig that utilises sublayer interpolation for lip syncing. I have also included an explanation of the rig (as a screen capture).

30 June 2019 sketchysquirrel

A young bird decides that she would like to grow up to be a frog, as we all have at some stage in our lives.

Sounds from Music: YouTube Audio Library "Clover-3"

A big thank you to my voice actor, 3-year-old, Hazel.


"I've been looking at these tadpoles
they're so cute
I was thinking
they don't look anything like frogs
And I was thinking that I don't look anything like a frog
maybe I could be a frog as well
I can jump like a frog like this
Hop hop hop hop
I can croak like a frog
Croak Croak tweet tweet huh
I can eat like a frog
A la la la gulp
I would like to be a frog
or maybe a butterfly"

I have turned off the masking for the watercolour effect so it doesn't affect the viewport.

The Castle of the Mouse
The Castle of the Mouse
31 May 2019 sketchysquirrel

The Mouse's Castle: My inspiration for this came from the French animation "Ernest & Celestine".

Music by Aaron Kenny (YouTube Audio Library)

Flight of the Squirrel
Flight of the Squirrel
23 April 2019 sketchysquirrel

An innocent acorn hangs in peril, as the infamous oak holds his nuts captive. Who will come to save them? Super Squirrel* flies to the rescue.

*May contain traces of nuts

Sounds from and music from youtube audio library.

Snow Wars
Snow Wars
28 February 2019 sketchysquirrel

A snowball fight escalates into snow wars

This is my entry into the February 2019 Anime Studio Tutor competition.

Music from YouTube Audio Library by Aaron Kenny (This is not included in my files as I was running out of space)

Reindeer Flying High
Reindeer Flying High
26 December 2018 sketchysquirrel

Ever wondered how reindeer are able to fly?

Happy Holidays

The Big Fish
The Big Fish
30 November 2018 sketchysquirrel

Jumping into puddles... and a big fish!

This is my entry to the November 2018 competition.

Cliche Country
Cliche Country
14 October 2018 sketchysquirrel

Gather around the bonfire as Billy Bob shares his life story in this heartfelt country song.

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