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SILLYHOTEP The Bird Pharaoh
SILLYHOTEP The Bird Pharaoh

SILLY-HOTEP The Bird Pharaoh
Story , Animation and Music produced by LEO MEDD

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Moho (Anime Studio) File Details
  • Added: 31 March 2018
  • Made With: Anime Studio Pro 11.2
  • Last Updated: 31 March 2018
  • File Size: 28MB
  • Number of files: 37
    File Name Type File Size
    folder SILLY-HOTEP files:
      icon 1-intro sunset.animeAnime Studio File130KB
      icon 11-outro.animeAnime Studio File133KB
      icon 2-Piramides1.animeAnime Studio File79KB
      folder 2-Piramides1:
        icon 2-Piramides1.animeAnime Studio File88KB
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText236B
        folder Images:
          icon 87606359.jpgImage63KB
          icon terreno_00001.pngPNG Image66KB
      icon 3-Pharoh House.animeAnime Studio File206KB
      icon 7-Slave Scene.animeAnime Studio File169KB
      folder 4-entrada Hyero:
        icon 4-entrada Hyero.animeAnime Studio File56KB
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText283B
        folder Images:
          icon hiero tex_00001.pngPNG Image646KB
      icon Mighty sun.animeAnime Studio File37KB
      folder 5-templo silla:
        icon 5-templo silla.animeAnime Studio File375KB
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText265B
        folder Images:
          icon PISO TEX_00001.pngPNG Image2MB
          icon Sillyhotep png_00024.pngPNG Image109KB
          icon WALL TEX ASP_00001.pngPNG Image64KB
      icon piramide tex.animeAnime Studio File76KB
      folder 6-bird 4:
        icon 6-bird 4.animeAnime Studio File222KB
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText209B
        folder Audio:
          icon entrando pa bird hasta el final.wavWAV Audio25MB
      icon PISO TEX.animeAnime Studio File13KB
      icon terreno tex.animeAnime Studio File56KB
      folder 8-piramide piedra:
        icon 8-piramide piedra.animeAnime Studio File351KB
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText265B
        folder Images:
          icon piramide tex_00002.pngPNG Image49KB
          icon piramide tex_00003.pngPNG Image43KB
          icon terreno_00001.pngPNG Image66KB
      icon TEXTURA PARED.animeAnime Studio File18KB
      folder 9- piramides caen:
        icon 9- piramides caen.animeAnime Studio File156KB
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText234B
        folder Images:
          icon piramides png_00001.pngPNG Image201KB
          icon terreno_00001.pngPNG Image66KB
      folder 10-Escena final:
        icon 10-Escena final.animeAnime Studio File103KB
        icon Bill of Materials.txtText205B
        folder Images:
          icon piramides png_00001.pngPNG Image201KB
  • Licence: leomedd retains full copyright.
Competition Time!
This shared file was entered into the 'Silly Bird' competition and won!
Voting ended on the 30th April 2018.
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