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Dashed line in Anime Studio
Dashed line in Anime Studio - Anime Studio Pro and Debut
27 July 2013sbtamu

This quick tutorial shows a method of creating a dashed line in Anime Studio using the brush tool

Backgrounds With Brushes
Backgrounds With Brushes - Anime Studio Tutorial
19 February 2013AnimeStudioTutor

In this Anime Studio Tutorial, we look at how to create a background using the brush settings of a simple line.

As the line can be as long as needed, this technique is ideal for long repeating / looping designs.

This tutorial comes with help from Jorge Merino - Graphic Designer. He has also very kindly provided some sample brushes for this tutorial which can be found in the supporting content.

Click here to view FREE Anime Studio Brushes

Connecting lines to circles
Connecting lines to circles - Anime Studio Tutorial
1 April 2016AnimeStudioTutor

Connecting a line to a circle can be tricky in Anime Studio. It should be straight forward, but often you'll find any new points added to your circle will distort it.

The trick is not to create new points on the circle, but to join your line to the circle's points. This way the circle won't lose its shape.

Note: This tutorial is for beginners to Anime Studio.

Enhanced Onion Skins
Enhanced Onion Skins - Anime Studio Overview
30 July 2013Smith Micro Graphics

Onion skins within Anime Studio 9 Pro have been completely redesigned and now include transparencies to help you tweak your animation exactly how you want to.

Animated arc in Anime Studio
Animated arc in Anime Studio - Anime Studio Pro and Debut
27 July 2013sbtamu

How to animate the outline stoke of an arc in Anime Studio using the stroke exposure tool.

Minecraft Style Blocks
Minecraft Style Blocks - Anime Studio Tutorial
10 February 2013AnimeStudioTutor

This tutorial will show you how to create a 3D Minecraft style block in Anime Studio using a simple 16x16 pixel image.

Paint Bucket
Paint Bucket - Anime Studio Debut 8
4 June 2012Smith Micro Graphics

The paint bucket tool allows you to apply the current selected fill, stroke or both the objects that you click.

light speed or warp jump effect in Moho
light speed or warp jump effect in Moho - Anime Studio Tutorial
9 June 2018ShoNuff93

This tutorial shows you how to use a single dot to make a moving star field and also how to use one line to create a space warping effect like that used in Star Wars or other types of sci-fi movies. They both are really simple and just use the rotation of particles in 3D space to make them work.

How to animate a stroke
How to animate a stroke - Anime Studio Tutorial
16 March 2013crowquill66

A quick hit video tutorial of a fantastic feature in Anime Studio Pro 7 "Stroke Exposure"

Layer Outline Effect in Anime Studio 10
Layer Outline Effect in Anime Studio 10 - Anime Studio Tutorial
2 March 2014Smith Micro Graphics

How to create an outline effect in Anime Studio

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