Connecting lines to circles

Connecting Lines To Circles


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Connecting a line to a circle can be tricky in Anime Studio. It should be straight forward, but often you'll find any new points added to your circle will distort it.

The trick is not to create new points on the circle, but to join your line to the circle's points. This way the circle won't lose its shape.

Note: This tutorial is for beginners to Anime Studio.

1. The Problem

You have a circle and want to draw a connecting line, but when you do, it distorts the shape:

The problem
FIGURE 1-1 The problem

As asked by doukkali on the Lost Marble Forum. Here you can read other solutions that may help.

Let's start by creating our shape:
Using the Draw Shape (S) tool, select the circle shape from the top toolbar and create the shape:

2. Rotate

Rotate the shape 45 degrees with the Transform Points (T) tool.
With this tool and with the shape still selected, enter 45 into the angle box in the toolbar and hit enter.

3. Draw The Line

Using the Add Point (A) tool, start your line inside (not touching) the bottom right of the circle and drag up to the top left point:
If you have Auto-weld enabled in the toolbar, then the line will join with the circle. If not, then you will need to use the spacebar to connect the points.
As long as you don't create a new point on the circle then it won't change shape.

4. Connect Line

Now finish connecting the line to the bottom of the circle.
Use the Transform Points (T) tool to move the line's point.
Again, make sure you don't add a new point to the circle, just connect the line to the circle's point.

5. Add more points

Now you can add more points to the line.

And there you have it! A perfect circle with a connecting line.


If you need to add more lines, then your circle will need more points!
With the circle selected, go to "Scripts" > "Draw" > "Split Curve..." and enter a number (e.g., 4)

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