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Incremental Backups Script

Incremental Backups Script


Tutorial Number: 462
Made with: Moho Pro 12
Level: Basic

This handy button will create backups of your Moho file.

Moho has a built-in auto save feature (preferences > documents > auto save for crash recovery), but this simply saves a copy of your work every few minutes, and you can't roll back to an earlier version if you wanted to.

Clicking this new save button will ensure you have a copy to fall back on later.

Updated 22 Sep 2018 [Version 1.4]
-Fixed bug in file name.

Updated 29 April 2018 [Version 1.3]
-Fixed problem with saves higher than 10
-Fixed Mac save issue

1. Install

Unzip the contents of the supporting contents below to your custom content folder* under /scripts/tool/

*Custom folders can be sent in Moho > Preferences > General > Custom Content Folder
The first time you do this, Moho will create the necessary folders.

You may need to re-launch Moho to see this new button once you've copied the script.
Windows shortcut to reload tools: Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L

2. Save you work

Once you've saved your first copy of your Moho file (master), clicking the Increment Save button will automatically create a new folder and make a backup of your file. These new files will auto-increment.



Supporting Content

Download Details
Zip File Size: 38KB
Last updated: 22 Sep 2018 18:03:06
Made with: Moho Pro 12
File Name:

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Updated: 22 Sep 2018
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