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About me:

I started using Anime Studio back when it was called Moho! If you need any help please get in contact.


  • Unexpected Help

    28 February 2017 at 08:33:33 PM
    Thank you for entering the competition!
    There are a number of missing files (mainly .wav) could you please email me these? Thanks - (mail at
  • Emergency Landing

    28 February 2017 at 08:25:35 PM
    Thanks for entering the competition, I've upated the description to include your video. Could you email me your original files? Thanks (mail at
  • The Fall of Santa Claus

    25 December 2016 at 11:45:03 PM
    Thanks for entering the competition and sharing your files!
  • Merry Christmas

    25 December 2016 at 11:44:02 PM
    No worries - I've added your video for you - thanks for entering the competition!
  • 70 Dominoes

    1 December 2016 at 11:49:25 PM
    Looks good. I have uploaded your video as requested.
    If you enable the 'use baked physics' option in the main group (your 'room' layer), Moho won't need to re-calculate the animation each time, which may help speed things up.
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00:12 Introducing Bino and by EVCL1
Added 2 months ago
07:21 Spidamation - Second animation[Test complications] part 2 by Spidamation
Added 2 months ago
00:08 Frame by frame animation by Ján Repá?
Added 2 months ago
03:00 The Time Has Come… by Rene Trevino
Added 2 months ago
01:06 ¿No te da vergüenza ser parte de la violencia sexual? by tazatriste
Added 2 months ago
06:44 POKEY POKEY - dark humor animation by Jake Zhang
Added 2 months ago
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Last 5 Tutorials Completed:

How to make pixel art (sprites) in anime studio
How to make pixel art (sprites) in anime studio - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 November 2016

So this is very new to me as too, but I wanted to learn how to make sprite animations. It was really easy to figure out how to recreate sprites looking characters in Anime Studio with the grid tool as well as finding good source materials on the web.

This tutorial goes over recreating sprites that you've found on the web but you can also use this to create your own pixel art characters and backgrounds.

I'll probably end up making another tutorial on this when I've gotten it down a little better but this should help you get started anyway.

The small cartoon clips are just fan animations I made for a YouTuber named Dashiexp. He's a YouTuber that does comedy sketches and gameplays. I think he's hilarious and since he plays old school games, he was the perfect subject matter to see if I could make a pixel art cartoon.

You can check out his game channel here!

Creating Soccerball Physics
Creating Soccerball Physics - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 November 2016

This is a tutorial on using physics and how to CHANGE the direction of objects within a physics group while animating.

For this, I created the movement of the physics objects first and then animated the artwork after to make them look like they were interacting with one another.

Making Puffin Rock Webinar - Moho in a TV Series
Making Puffin Rock Webinar - Moho in a TV Series - Moho (Anime Studio) Webinar
20 October 2016

Making a TV series is a bit like a puzzle and Moho animation software is an essential piece that completes it. In this webinar, Jeremy Purcell (Assistant Director) will be showing how Moho worked with other tools like Shotgun, Deadline, Photoshop and After Effects to produce the TV Series Puffin Rock.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar include:

- Bringing a character from design to compositing
- Seeing inside a character model
- Working with a studio in another country on the same files
- Seeing what a scene file is made up of

This is a chance for you to see how a bigger animation production, Puffin Rock, and its 78 x 7 minute episodes structured a pipeline around Moho to get the best out of the software as well as how it works with other departments in the production.

About the Presenter: Jeremy was Assistant Director on two seasons of Puffin Rock, for a total of 78 episodes. Prior to that, he was Efx Supervisor on two feature films with Cartoon Saloon: 'Brendan and the Secret of Kells' and 'Song of the Sea'. He is currently working on Cartoon Saloon's next feature, 'The Breadwinner', as well as in pre-production on their next Moho TV series.

SUPER EASY 2 Point Perspective in Moho
SUPER EASY 2 Point Perspective in Moho - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 October 2016

After taking all that time to show you guys how to do 2 point perspective in Anime Studio, I thought of a MUCH easier way to do so!!

That's alright though, live and learn! It does has some limitations as the view can get really skewed when working on a larger canvas but the pros outweigh the cons I think. It was just too cool to not share so I just made this really fast for you guys!

Hope you find this useful!!! smile

2 Point Perspective Interior In Moho
2 Point Perspective Interior In Moho - Moho (Anime Studio) Tutorial
20 October 2016

I admit, I'm not that great at making background art in Anime Studio as I'm way more comfortable with other programs like Illustrator because of their tool sets but I also know that many of you would like to know how to do all of your creating in Anime Studio or MOHO so I made this.

It just shows the basic principals of using vanishing points just as you would if you were drawing on paper and truthfully, it get easier and easier as you do it.

This was fun but it took a lot longer than usual for me to do (about 2 and a half hours) as it's still a new process to me as well.

Hopefully some of you guys find this useful and if you have questions about it I can try and answer!