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10 Handy Moho Tips

10 Handy Moho Tips

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Tutorial Number: 461
Made with: Moho Pro 12
Level: Basic

Here are 10 tips that can help you with Moho.

These were originally shared on Twitter.
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1. Delete Points

When drawing with the Add Points (A) tool. Press and hold D + Ctrl to delete points quickly. Release the keys to return to the Add point tool.

2. Shape Selection

To quickly select shapes in the same layer, use the Select Shape tool (Q) and drag your cursor over the shapes whilst holding Shift (to select) or Alt (to deselect)

3. Target Bones

To quickly set a target bone, use the reparent tool 'P' with Ctrl (cmd for Mac) + Left-click. Alt + Left-click is used to select the bone.

4. Timeline

To loop within the timeline : Ctrl (cmd for Mac) + left/right-click to place the start/stop markers. Do the same to remove them. This is handy if you just want to work on a small section of your animation.

5. Hide/Show Layers

Left-click and drag your cursor over the visibility icons to hide/show layers.

6. Spider's Web

How to draw a spider's web quickly in Moho:

7. Select Connected Points

The Tab key selects all connected points and bones. There is also a menu option if you forget: Edit > Select Connected.

8. Hide/Show Layers

Alt + Left-click on a layer's visibility icon to hide and show all the other layers.

9. Reverse Keypoints

Select the keypoints, move them along, then flip them around whilst hold Alt. This will reverse the animation.

10. Shape Selection

How to select between the different shapes at the exact location that you clicked.

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